Holy Injil

‘…and we gave him the Injīl, in which is guidance and light’ (Qur’an, al-Ma’idah 5:46)

The Holy Injil is accepted as a revealed Book in both Christianity and Islam. This is a new translation from the original Greek of ‘Luke’, the longest book within the Injil. Luke contains a full account of the life and teaching of ‘Īsā al-Masīh (his peace be upon us), from the angelic announcement of his birth to his ascension into heaven.

The translation is into English and uses names and terms that are more familiar to Muslims.

The commentary provides background information, seeks to explain difficult words and concepts and relates the material in the text to other parts of the Injīl and also to the Taurāt, the Zabūr, the Books of the Prophets and the Qur’an.

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